Discovering The World of Vocabulary

Discovering The World of Vocabulary

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Discovering The World of Vocabulary By Adeel Niaz Jahangir Worldtimes

Author: Adeel Niaz
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 501
Subject: English

“Men suppose their reason has command over their words; still it happens that words in return exercise authority on reason.”
-Francis Bacon

Thoughts remain cluttered until expressed in some form of language. We have to write, speak or act our thoughts; otherwise they will remain obscure, befuddled and in a half-torpid form. Our feelings must come out to others or they will be as clouds, which, till they descend in rain, will never bring up fruit or flower. So, it’s all about the inward feelings; expression gives them development, thought is the blossom; language the sprout and action the fruit of it. In addition to your physical appearance and the way you carry yourself, others will appraise you exclusively on the basis of the words that come out of your mouth. Even if you are considered a genius in any field, a poor vocabulary will send across a message that you are not savvy or very intelligent. This is the age of competition. In today’s world, if one is to enter into the auspicious professional world and make a promising and illustrious career, an extensive knowledge of the exact meanings of English words is imperative.

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