Pair of Oven Pot Gloves

Pair of Oven Pot Gloves

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2 Pcs Silicon Gloves for Oven - Heat Resistant Hand Gloves for Oven - Finger Clips Oven Gloves for Kitchen - Heat Insulation Non Stick Anti-slip – Hot Pot Bowl Holder Pinch Grips for Cooking Baking Serving - Oven Mitts bowl holder
  • Handy to Use and Hang - The small oven mitts are very convenient to use. It can be easily hung on the oven door handle or hook. Oven mitts can be nested inside each other for storage without taking up space in the kitchen.
  • Machine Washable - The oven mitts are very easy to clean. It can be washed in the dishwasher. It’s not as big as a glove. It can only cover your fingers. It's suitable for small hands. Use oven gloves carefully to avoid scalding your hands or fingers.

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