The Teenage Brain

The Teenage Brain

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The Teenage Brain [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2015] Amy Ellis Nutt , Frances E. Jensen

We used to think that erratic teenage behavior was due to a sudden surge in hormones, but modern neuroscience shows us that this isn't true. The Teenage Brain is a journey through the new discoveries that show us exactly what happens to the brain in this crucial period, how it dictates teenagers behavior and how the experiences of our teenage years are what shape our attitudes and often our happiness in later life. Many of our ideas about our growing brains are completely re-written. They don't stop developing at the end of our teens-they keep adapting until we are in our mid-twenties. They are wired back to front, with the most important parts, the parts that we associate with good judgment,concentration, organization and emotional and behavioral control being connected last of all. The Teenage brain is a powerful animal primed for learning, but this creates problems. Addiction is a form of learning and Frances Jensen, Professor of Pediatric Neurology at the teaching hospital of Harva

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